vendredi 6 août 2010

Sobey Art Award: 2010 Atlantic Long List

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax
August 7-November 21, 2010

Each year, 25 artists from the five regions across the country are nominated for the Sobey Art Award. This exhibition highlights the excellence of artistic production in the Atlantic Region through the diverse practices of the contemporary artists who, through various connections, identify themselves as Atlantic Canadian.

The long listed artists representing the Atlantic Region in 2010 are: Graeme Patterson (Halifax, NS), Mario Doucette (Moncton, NB), Lucie Chan (Vancouver, BC), Vanessa Paschakarnis (West Dublin, NS), and Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby (Syracuse, NY).

Artist Graeme Patterson is represented by Taming The Wild (2008), a series of photographs and stop-motion puppets that collectively evoke a humourous though poignant take on our interaction with the natural world.

In Bagarres (2009-2010), Mario Doucette expands upon his revisionist interpretation of history in this series of paintings involving elements of mythology, symbolic meaning, and popular culture.

Lucie Chan’s LofoSto (2009), short for Longing for Stories, is an expansive work comprised of 106 drawings and animations exploring issues of identity in an increasingly globalized world.

Vanessa Paschakarnis presents Shadows of Domestication (2010) and Shadows for Humans (2003-2004), new and recent pieces that respond to the artist’s ongoing interest in the formal and material language of sculpture.

Lastly, collaborators Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, this year's Atlantic finalists for the 2010 Sobey Art Award, restage Reanimating the Universe with Basic Breathing Exercises (2008), an installation involving taxidermy and multiple video projections that immerse the viewer in their world of wonder.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
1723 Hollis St.
Halifax, NS