lundi 27 octobre 2014

Two Rivers Gallery - Prince George, BC

From d'Este to Barr or Hanging History

During the Renaissance, Isabella d'Este, "...a daughter of the duke and duchess of Ferrara and one of the great patrons and collections of (that period)..." (Victoria Newhouse, Art and the Power of Placement) put together two of the most famous installations of art. Starting in 1490, d'Este began to decorate two rooms at the medieval Gonzaga Castel in Mantua, and continued to curate and organize these collection for the next thirty years. Her studiolo and grotta are the first known arrangements by a woman of spaces specifically for an art collection. As such, they encapsulate the spirit of hanging and installation.

The fall permanent collection exhibition From d'Este to Barr or Hanging History will examine different approaches toward hanging works of art through history, considered in the context of Two Rivers Gallery's permanent collection. Looking from d'Este and her famous collections, to the infamous Salon Style of the late 19th century Alfred H. Barr Jr, the founding director of the MoMA curating in the 1930s, we will journey through a Hanging History.

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